Monday, September 12, 2011

Huetiful Blogger Teleconference

Recently, Tywanda and I had the honor of being invited to a blogger teleconference with the President & Founder of Huetiful, Ken Burkeen.  As a recovering product junkie, I really wanted to learn what all the hype was all about. My new mantra is to make sure that all of my future purchases are based upon informed decision making. I am happy to say that I ended the call well-informed and itching to buy one for myself.

When you are thirsty you don't drink oil, you drink water

A key challenge of those with kinky hair is ...moisture.  And as Ken mentioned during the teleconference, the key to moisture is water.  When you are thirsty you don't drink oil, you drink WATER.  The Huetiful steamer presents itself as the answer to this problem.  As part of the teleconference, each blogger had the opportunity to ask Ken a question.  And my question was essentially to get the answer... Why Huetiful?  

I asked, "What is the difference between steaming with rags under a dryer, steaming in the shower (my steaming method of choice), and steaming under a steamer?"   His answer was focused on effectiveness. Of the three options, steaming under a dryer with rags is least effective, because of the dry heat.  Steaming in the shower is bit more effective, but it lacks concentration. According to Ken, Huetiful delivers the concentration that steaming under a dryer or in the shower cannot provide. 

There is a second key distinction he noted about the huetiful streamer.  It is the option for "ozonized steam". This feature neutralizes bacteria that forms on the scalp...which leads to dry, itchy scalp.    And it is this distinction that sets it apart from other steamers on the market.  

During the call, he also mentioned the great benefits of moringa oil, which Tywanda recently blogged about. Check it out!

All in all, the call was very informative.  I really love my hair's results after steaming in the shower so I'm very curious to see the benefits of Huetiful. )There is a money back guarantee since he stands behind his product....and he DOES have to face his clients at major hair shows. So his goal is quality.)

After hearing more about Huetiful, does it make you want to try it as well?


  1. I really want to try the Huetiful! I have also been researching the moringa oil for my dry scalp. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Your welcome Dana! I want to try it as well!