Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Safiya talks about "A Natural Hair Love Affair"

Safiya, of bronzeqt on Youtube, talks about "A Natural Hair Love Affair". We are excited that she will be part of our DeNaturalista Hair Panel!  Check out the video and her channel!

Hair Vitamin Vixen

While often times naturalistas discuss the importance of finding phenomenal products to use externally to increase the well-being of their natural coif, equally and possibly what is more important is what you consume internally.  To aid in the overall health and care of your tresses, including a hair vitamin to your daily diet regimen proves to be extremely beneficial. 

Above, I've displayed a picture of my go-to hair vitamin of choice.  I purchase them at Trader Joe's for about $5.00.   It is a MultiVitamin Mineral that supports nails, hair and skin.  There are 100 tablets so it lasts me about one month (you need to take three per day). 

THEE most important thing about taking vitamins is CONSISTENCY.  I've read it takes AT LEAST 3 consistent months of taking any vitamin to see any true results and for it to thoroughly integrate into your body's system.  So keep at it!  Lastly, there are a few stellar vitamins that you want to see included in the hair vitamin that you select.  They are considered the all-star vitamin supplements that BEST benefit your hair:

  • Vitamin A: assists in the production of natural oils (sebum) that prevent dry scalp 
  • Vitamin B6: is a component in the creation of melanin; aids in giving hair its color
  • Vitamin B12: prevents hair loss
  • Vitamin C: an anti-oxidant; helps improve the overall health of hair
  • Vitamin E: improves scalp circulation which stimulates faster hair growth
  • Biotin: produces keratin; aids in the prevention of hair loss
  • Niacin (B3): improves the blood circulation (which carries oxygen) at your scalp
  • Inositol: keeps the cells of hair follicles healthy
  • Pantothenic Acid (B5): prevents graying and hair loss

For more information on the daily dosage suggested and natural foods that include these vitamins, click here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Straightening Your Natural Hair Sans a Blow Dryer

If I could, I would ... smash-up blowdryers.  I was never much of a fan of them --- even BEFORE going natural.  I always wrapped my freshly washed and conditioned permed hair up with a satin scarf and let it air dryer.  Blow Dryers equaled FRIZZY to me!

Enter March of 2010.  I had been without a perm for four months and had BC'd three months ago.  I wanted to try and straighten my newly natural hair for the first time so I figured I'd blow it dry and then flat iron it.  HUGE mistake.  I watched in horror as my little 3-C coils exploded like fireworks into the air as I attempted to pull, tug and manipulate my natural roots to get them dry.   I threw my blow dryer away on that day ---- and never looked back.

Here's a pic from August of 2010 (about three to four months of hair growth.) I was coming back from my 10-year high school reunion.

Now let's Fast Forward to August 2011.  I've been growing out my natural ( I huge out in the BC style for a few extra months before I started letting it grow in) for about 14 months uninterrupted.
I was ready to straighten it.  I don't straighten my hair OFTEN.  Maybe once a quarter ----seasonally. 

Many of you have asked me how do I straighten my natural hair ---- so here goes.

You will need the following products:
1. Trader Joe's Tingling Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
2. Giovanni Direct's Leave-In Conditioner and Leave-In Spray
3. Jojoba Oil
4. Grapeseed Oil

*Wash your hair with the shampoo and then detangle your hair from ends to root in the shower under the water stream.  Afterwards add a generous amount of Giovanni's Leave-In Conditioner and Leave-In Spray into your hair.  Continue to work it through and detangle by combing hair from ends to root with large tooth comb or shower comb.  Finish up by two-strand twisting your hair (approximately 20-25 twists).   After about two hours unravel the twists and let them continue to arrive dry for the rest of the day.   At night, it's time to straighten.

You will need the following hair styling tools:

1. A flat iron (mine gets no more than 200 degrees hot)
2. A 2 inch barrel curling iron
3. Duck Pins
4. Two combs (large tooth and rat tail)
5. A satin scarf

*Now that your hair is completely dry, take a pair of a two-strand twist out and comb from end to root with the large tooth comb.  After flat iron that piece from mid-point to end and then back from root all the way to end.  Repeat this method until all your hair has been flat ironed.  It's important not use high heat b/c with this method, I have no product on my hair except the Leave-In conditioners.  Use the duck clips to secure hair after you've straightened it.   When you're finish put a quarter size of both oils (grapeseed and jojoba) in your hand and distribute generously throughout your hair paying close attention to your ends.   Lastly, part hair diagonally in 3-inch. sections and curl hair with the 2-inch. curling iron.   Afterwards finger comb or use the large tooth comb to style hair.   That night wrap with satin cap and style as intended in the morning.

The end results ....

How do you straighten your hair?  Try this method and let me know how it works!

Curbin' The Product Junkie In You

Hey deN divas, it's Tywanda.

So I'll be the first to admit that I'm NOT a product junkie!  I'm a LOYAL girl. Once I find an amazing product I will ALWAYS stick with it.  Aannnddd, I also like to get up in the kitchen and make my own concoctions.  I love making my own moisturizers, oils and treatments (I'll share some of those at the A Natural Hair Love Affair Event)  However, I'll have to admit ... there are times when I'm very interested in 'sampling' another product I've heard RAVE reviews about.   I can't help but wondering if it is me OR if every time I visit my local Target or Walgreen's I noticed that Natural Hair section of the store metastasizing in leaps and bounds.   What I'm most EXCITED about for our Natural Hair Love Affair event, is the PRODUCT SWAP.  Right! You're just as confused as I was.  Basically, bring ALL your products to the event that you tried and HATED or feel generous enough to part with AND have the opportunity to swap it out with another product that you've been dying to get your hands on!  I'm banking on somebody bringing something made by Oyin!  In the meantime, I'll share some of my FAV products that I use all the time.  Here they are:

For Shampoos ...

  • Trader Joe's Tingling Tea Tree Shampoo  : I love it b/c there are no sulfates or any other natural hair no-no's in the ingredients.  Can't front on the tingling sensation either.
  • Shea Moisture's Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo:  I love this because of the shea butter and its ability to retain moisture.  My hair does well with moisture once it is in it, but can dry out VERY easily.

For Conditioner's ...

  • Rapunzel's Protein Deep Conditioner:  How MUCH do I love this product?  Let me count the WAYS!  #1: The creator and founder is from Delaware.  #2: It completely rids dryness or any scalp issues.  #3: It has loads of all-natural goodies like oils and protein. #4: The slip that it gives to the hair (great for detangling) is bar none! I could go on and on and on.  But we love Rasheeda and we love her product!
  • BioInfusion's Rosemary Mint Conditioner:  While I'm an avid Rapunzel fan, I do know that with certain natural treatments I do to my hair (henna and/or bentonite clay) utilizing a protein conditioner in addition to the treatment can be over-exposure to protein.  So with that, whenever I do my henna treatments or bentonite clay treatments, I use BioInfusion in the actual mix AND afterwards as a deep conditioner.   Here's a trick: I always had some honey and a few carrier oils to this conditioner.
For styling ...
  • Shea Moisture's Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie:  This thing is like liquid gold!  Ya'll know!!!  I use it for my coils, my two strand twists, my flat twists, bantu-knots ... I use it on my edges and to enhance my natural curls.  I use it on wet hair, dry hair.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  My hair is a sucker for coconut oil AND humectants such as vegetable glycerin and this has it in abundance.
  • FX Special Effects Curl Booster Fixative Gel :  So we all need a good gel at some point in our lives.  The problem is they always come loaded with a bunch of natural hair no-no's like alcohol, cone's etc etc.  I'm in love with this BECAUSE it has none of those things in it, smells amazing and isn't overly heavy on my hair.  I apply it wet and when it's dry, my curls POP!  As with any gels,  I always mix a little coconut or olive oil in my hand with the gel before applying to avoid the possibility of crunchiness.

Well deN divas!  That's all from me.  I'm definitely not a product junkie, but I am in LOVE with these staple items.  A word of advice: Instead of making your wallets do back flips and trying EVERYTHING, pay attention to the ingredients in the products and how your hair responds to certain things.  It becomes easier to identify what items will definitely work for you and which ones will be an epic natural fail.    Don't forget to bring YOUR must-haves or hated-it products to A Natural Hair Love Affair so you can product SWAP them out  ;-)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Safiya's FAQ

Safiya will serve on the Delaware Naturalistas Panel at "A Natural Hair Love Affair".  If you haven't purchased tickets, purchase them here!  Safiya has a popular YouTube channel...bronzqt.  Check it out for more great tips!

Here she answers Frequently Asked Questions. She covers topics such as her hair type and hair regimen.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Straight vs. Curly

I just finished washing my hair from wearing it straight last week.  To achieve the look, I straightened my hair with the Hana Professional flat iron sent it to me by  (Review coming tomorrow.) 

I decided to provide a reference chart for what my hair likes in its straight and curly states.  I figured it may be a helpful resource.

Does anyone else have any other straight vs. curly tips?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Loving Lia Sophia's LaShawanda Lands Moore

If there was a way to create a prototype for a Sponsor Extraordinaire we're almost certain borrowing the handbook from LaShawanda Lands Moore would might have actually written its contents.  We first met LaShawanda one afternoon in the local nail palor where she complimented a pair of Lia Sophia earrings being worned.  She has been a cheerleader of Delaware Naturalistas from its conception and offers her hair, her commentary and advice in our Facebook Group. In addition to being a gold sponsor and vendor of  A Natural Hair Love Affair, LaShawanda Lands Moore is a transplant Delawarean who moved here from the South with her beautiful family.  She's got an amazing head full of type-4 natural that she LOVES to rock in coils or two-strand twists.   Aside from being a Christian, dedicated wife and mother, businesswoman and natural-diva she is a representative of Lia Sophia jewelry.

LaShawanda and ALL her fabulously chic Lia Sophia jewelry is an official sponsor and vendor for A Natural Hair Love Affair (  In celebration of Delaware Naturalistas very first natural hair meetup, she has graciously offered 10 pieces of Lia Sophia jewelry as a give-away prize to 10 random naturalistas who purchase their ticket to A Natural Hair Love Affair today!!!   Tickets are ONLY $20 at the early-bird price which ends at midnight tonight!

How can YOU get your hands on a piece of LaShawanda's Lia Sophia Jewelry?  1. Purchase your ticket today by visiting (You are eligible if you have purchased an early bird ticket at any point.) 2. Follow our official blog at 3. Comment on THIS BLOG POST telling us the following; "What is the ONE piece of jewelry that you can't leave home without!"

Clock starts now and you've got until midnight to enter!   GREAT LUCK!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Delaware Naturalistas Celebratory Giveaway

As the excitement builds with our first upcoming natural-hair meet-up, "A Natural Hair Love Affair"; AND the launch of our new blog; AND reaching 300 group members on Facebook, we've decided it was time for a giveaway!


For the entire day, every person who purchases their tix to "A Natural Hair Love Affair" at will be entered into a random drawing to win a FREE Shea Moisture Gift Kit.

In order to be eligible, you must purchase your ticket, begin to follow our blog, comment on this entry AND tell us how you're following the blog.

Who doesn't LOVE products by Shea Moisture?  Who doesn't love FREE?  And who isn't hyped about Delaware's first Natural Hair Meet-Up!!!

Contest starts now, GREAT LUCK!!!