Friday, September 9, 2011

deN Diva Spotlight: Asha

Name: Asha 
What is your hair's name? (If it has one) 
Never thought to name my hair.
How long have you been natural? (If applicable, please include transition and big chop dates) 
I've been natural for 6 years.  I first chopped off my hair around january 2005.  I started loc'ing it March 1, 2005.
Describe your hair
Soft textured curls and fuzzy all the time.
What is your current hair regimen?
Every day I spray my hair with water and oil my scalp and my hair when i'm in between grooming times (re-twisting). In the summer time I dont twist as often and when  I do need to go out I just redo the around the edges or brush it back into a pony tail or a pomp and basket weave.
What are five products you can't live without?
Tea trea/olive oil,  nu ade hair oil, essential shea butter, devu curl low poo shampoo and conditoner, nubian kinks apple hair oil.
What is the one product/treatment/technique that has made the biggest difference in your hair?
Nu Ade hair oil.  My scalp is much better with it and i dont have an itchy scalp anymore
What is the biggest mistake you have made with your hair?
I was trying a new style and ran out of stuff to twist and curl it with so I decided to use kinky curly gel. It litterally took apart my locs.  The were soft and coming apart, like shredding.  It was horrible and it had so much build up.  I had to wash my hair repeatedly and do a series of steam treatments to get it back to normal over a period of months.
Any advice for other naturalistas? 
Keep it simple.  Dont overdo the amount of different products you use in your hair.  Especially with locs.  Because with locs, these products leave  even a little bit of residue and after a while your hair will be cakey and smell, no matter how much you wash, etc.
Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you? 
Not yet.

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