Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top 100 Natural Hair Instragrammers on Essence!


That's Me!

Thanks for all of your support and follow me @toyachronicles on Instagram and twitter. (If you search latoya724 on Instagram, you will find me as well.)
Check out to see the rest of the naturalistas who were featured!
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Marketing/Social Media Intern

If you are a college student, please send your cover letter and resume to 

deNaturalistas (Delaware Naturalistas) was founded in the summer of 2011 by Tywanda Howie and Latoya Watson to fill a noticeable void in Delaware's natural hair community.   It has since expanded to also address health and fitness.  deNaturalistas utilizes events and social media as platforms for education.  Since it’s inception, it has garnered over 1,500 members in its Facebook group, over 650 twitter followers, and over 300 attendees to Naturally ReDefined: Delaware’s First Natural Hair Expo.  deNaturalistas also works with national and local companies who serve as vendors and sponsors.  To learn more about deNaturalistas, please visit our website at

deNaturalistas is looking for two interns to serve as Marketing/Social Media Interns.  Interns will get hands-on experience in marketing, public relations, social media, and event planning.

Intern Duties:
Exposure to various aspects of marketing, public relations, and social media
Social Media Management (Twitter, Facebook, Blog)
Blog management; write posts, research, engage other bloggers and readers
Client relationship building
Database management
Event planning

Must be available for approximately 5 hours a week
Must be available for scheduled events
Strong communication and writing skills
Self-directed, driven,  and proactive
Creative and innovative
Understanding of Microsoft Office and Social Media platforms
Interest in curly/natural hair and health/fitness

*Strongly prefer students who are able to attain school credit for this internship.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Best of the deN Forum Faves: Rosalind's Regimen

Rosalind is the product junkie of deNaturalistas. After numerous requests, she shared her regimen in the Facebook group. Check it out!

I see posts asking for product recommendations. Let's start a trend listing your Favorite products.I'm A Product Junkie but these products I LOVE!

What are your HG's (Holy Grails/Favorites)?
1. Shampoo: I currently don't use any just Terressentials
2. Deep Conditioner: (I deep condition once a week)
B.A.S.K Y.A.M. Nectar Intense Honey Hair Nourisher
B.A.S.k Cacao Bark Deep Conditioning Hair Treat
Curl Junkie Curl Rehab
3.Conditioner: (I use as a co- wash, and also as a regular rinse out)
Tresemme Naturals
Deva Curl One Condition
Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Condition
Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle

4.Leave In Conditioner:
Deva Curl One Condition
Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Condition
Oyin Handmade Hair Dew
Reve Essentials Hair and Body Moisturizer
Shea Moisture Shea Leave in (original formula)

Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel
Eco Styler BLUE

5.Pomade / Oils:
Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade
Coconut Oil

6.Twist Out/Braid Out:
B.A.S.K. Palm Tapioca Deluxe Hair Cream
Reve Essential Hair Cream

Reve Essentials Hair and Body Moisturizer
Oyin Handmade Hair Dew
B.A.S.K. Silk and Honey Latte Detangling Hair Milk - Nectarine Vanilla
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Culture, Curls, & Confidence: Why I Love the Natural Hair Movement

By: Taria Pritchett of Regal Realness

I love the natural hair movement! It is a new phenomenon that has completely shifted the way many women of color care for their hair. It reminds me of the 1970’s and 1980’s during the Black Power and Black Feminist movements. It certainly has its pros and its cons. Some women may feel left out if they are relaxed, or kinks may seem more valued than curls, society may turn up their noses at the site of a tight curl, transitioning without a big chop can be a ball of frustration, and family members may not embrace twist outs and other protective styles as ‘good enough’. But, despite the many reservations women have about the natural hair revolution there are many reasons why I, a relaxed but soon-to be- transitioner, love this movement:

1. It Inspires and Sparks Creativity
All of the gorgeous photos I see on a daily basis, and the level of confidence that these women have is inspiring! It also motivates other black women to give it a try, and it gives them a visual of results. It makes a relaxed girl consider going natural just by seeing just how healthy, long, and versatile black hair can really be. Additionally, it can shift a girl’s confidence and personal style just by changing her hair! It brings a level of creativity that often gets buried in the normal hustle and bustle of life.

2. It Takes Us Back To Our Roots (Literally!)
Deciding to embark on a healthy hair journey whether relaxed or natural really allows women to learn about themselves, and in the process brings them closer to their culture. By learning about your hair consequently your learning about a part of you that is historical and traditional. It connects Black women back to their culture and roots. It brings a new sense of freedom, especially when getting the big chop or surviving the transition phase. Black hair is political whether we want to admit or not. It makes a statement regardless of our intentions, but most importantly it shouts to the world that you are not afraid to be your true, authentic self. Embracing your hair is embracing your cultural background too believe it or not.

3. It Brings Black Women Together

So many women have started blogs, written books, started online communities, made websites, started Youtube channels, created products, and Facebook pages to share their hair journey and for Black women to come together. It has unified so many women, where in recent years the media has focused on how much Black women don’t get along or are always competing. Instead, this hair movement brings women together! Even teaching one another about our hair, and showing our hair regimens and products we use is a sign of bringing our knowledge back to the community for purposes of advancement, growth, and connection. It will completely change the next generation of black girl’s education about hair care. 
4. It Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy hair is a measure of its care similar to how our bodies operate. The natural hair movement promotes use of natural products, but it also promotes Black women to adopt healthier lifestyle choices as well in regards to taking vitamins, eating balanced meals, drinking water (our hair needs it especially), and moving more! This movement promotes healthy living which is always a debate for African American women as we are more obese then other groups, and more susceptible to diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Adopting new healthy eating habits along with a healthy hair regimen can not only help your body, but make your hair grow healthier and longer, a win-win on both ends.

5. It Promotes Black Owned Businesses
Many women who have educated themselves thoroughly, and have been through trial and errors with hair regimens and products have opted to make their own products. As a result, a number of African American women have created healthier, natural hair products, specifically for African American hair. The great part is that Black women are trying these products out and supporting Black owned businesses which always seem to be a struggle in the Black community. This movement has ushered in new ways of supporting and promoting black owned and operated businesses.

Whether relaxed or natural—you could benefit from this movement. This movement has totally shifted how we view hair, style, health, and culture.

Is there anything I missed? Why do you love the natural hair movement?
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Fourth of July a.k.a. National Afro Day!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July Holiday!  If you are unaware it is was also National Afro Day! Check out how your fellow naturalistas rocked their 'fros' on the Fourth of July!

How did you wear your hair on the Fourth of July?
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Comprehensive Hair Typing via

Tywanda and I have always emphasized that hair typing is much more than subscribing to the 3c, 4a, spectrum. has finally updated their website to reflect the complexity of our hair.  In their article they cover the following descriptors:

Curl Pattern





So for example, my hair (Latoya) is 3c/4a/4b, low porosity, dense, medium to thick strands, and arm pit length.  Tywanda's hair is 3c, normal porosity, dense, fine, and shoulder length.  When observing how bloggers and friends comment on how products and styling techniques work for them, you should keep all of this in mind. When you review our hair regimens, our techniques and products reflect our different hair types.

For the full article on texture typing, please visit NaturallyCurly.

Now that you are armed with this information, what is your hair type?  How will use this information in the selection styling techniques and hair products?

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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Week in the Life of My Hair

First, let me post a disclaimer. THIS is not a typical week.  I usually do a style for the week and go with it.

1.  I started with a failed wet flat twist out. Emphasis on FAIL!  I tucked and pinned until my hair looked good.  It is official. SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie you are no longer my "go to" for wet twist outs. Now that my hair is longer, we just don't get along. Moving on....

2.  To fix my hair, I had spritzed my hair, which made my hair shrink a bit.  To prep for wash day, I had to stretch my hair again so I did a wet braid out with Taaliah Waajid curl cream.  I knew that it yields great first day hair but greasy second day hair, but since I planned on washing.. didn't matter.

3. Blow out as a prep for my hair straightening.

4. Straightened hair in a dew point that is NOT an optimal dew point. *Shrugs shoulders* Bun and coconut oil to the rescue.

*Stay tuned for updated tutorials on my braid out, blow out, shampoo, and hair straightening methods.

How did you wear your hair last week?  (I'm sure you were more practical than i was...)

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Best of the deN: Summer Swag

It is time for this week's Best of deN!  This week's edition is Summer Swag! Check out these naturalistas for ideas on how to wear your hair in this summer heat...

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