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Guest Blogger -Submit an original blog post or repost from your blog. Please include the post or a link to your blog post, and applicable pictures/video. Topics can cover various aspects of natural hair styles, hair treatments, product reviews, tips, big chop stories, etc.

deN Diva Spotlight - Each week we would like to spotlight a DeN Diva. To be featured, please submit your answers to the following questions:


What is your hair's name? (If it has one)
How long have you been natural? (If applicable, please include transition and big chop dates)
Describe your hair
What is your current hair regimen?
What are five products you can't live without?
What is the one product/treatment/technique that has made the biggest difference in your hair?
What is the biggest mistake you have made with your hair?
Any advice for other naturalistas? 
Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you? 

deN Diva Styles -Submit your favorite hairstyles to be included in our periodic hair style feature.  
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