Tuesday, September 6, 2011

deN Diva Spotlight: Rasheda Stewart

Name: Rasheda Stewart

What is your hair's name? Ha! I don’t have a name for my hair, but if I had to make one up I would say…LONG HAIR DON’T CARE! :-)

How long have you been natural? My last relaxer was in 2005. I did not do the big chop, because a big chop is not always necessary.  I grew out my relaxer.

Describe your hair. My hair is naturally curly (type 3A/3B). When my hair is in its natural state it hangs a few inches past my shoulder. When my hair is straighten with a blow dryer and flat iron it hangs to almost my waist (this is the longest my hair has ever been in my life!).

What is your current hair regimen? I wash and deep condition with my hair product line Rapunzel The Future of Hair every 2-3 days when I’m natural and once a week when my hair is straighten. I also moisturize my ends daily, which is a must for our hair. I love how soft my hair feels after using my products.  The shampoo and conditioner combined make the detangling process a breeze. I never felt that with any other product.

What are five products you can't live without? I do not use 5 products, so I will name the 4 that I use on a regular basis. I only use my products with the exception of a curly enhancer, because we do not have one…yet. Rapunzel’s Hydrating & Detangling Shampoo, Rapunzel’s Protein Deep Conditioner, Rapunzel’s Hair Silk and Aveda Be Curly (when I wear my hair natural).

What is the one product/treatment/technique that has made the biggest difference in your hair? Rapunzel’s Protein Deep Conditioner, because it has the 3 things our hair needs to promote natural (no wigs, weaves or braids) hair growth. Rapunzel’s Protein Deep Conditioner helps to strengthen, lubricate and stimulate hair growth.

What is the biggest mistake you have made with your hair? The biggest mistake that I made recently would have to be when I highlighted certain parts of my hair. I am a premature grey and I started dying my hair black last year. Well, I decided late in the year that I wanted to highlight my hair not knowing that the color had to lift through all the times that I dyed it black. Needless, to say I experienced some breakage, but it wasn’t too bad, because I’m constantly deep conditioning my hair and I keep it moisturized daily.

Any advice for other naturalistas? Yes, use quality products that work with your hair and be consistent with your regimen. Always check your ingredient labels. There are a number of ingredients that do not work with our dry hair and they are typically found in a lot of hair care products on the market. We at Rapunzel suggest you educate yourself in order to get the most effective and healthy products for your hair care dollars. Whether you choose to have your hair relaxed or natural, Rapunzel will help you attain and maintain the healthiest hair possible.

Is there a blog/web page where we can find you? http://www.rapunzelthefutureofhair.com/

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