Sunday, October 23, 2011

I DECLARE Healthy Hair... Find A Hair Twin

Early in your journey, it is very easy to get inundated by information.  There is YouTube, blogs, tumblr, and of course... deNaturalistas!  Everyone talks about the new IT product, the new IT styling technique...and you find yourself aimlessly running to the store or in your bathroom trying something "new" out. I don't know about you. But early in my journey, my head was spinning. I didn't even know a tenth of what I know now about hair typing.  So it was very difficult  to differentiate between the products and techniques that would work for me.

Today, I can tell whether or not something will work for me... no matter the hair type of the person recommending the product.  But early in my journey, I was totally lost.  And before I became well versed on everything hair, I tried a little trick that I'm about to let you in on...

I found a hair twin!  I found someone who not only had hair that visually was similar to mine, but when they described their hair it sounded like mine too.  And if something worked for them, then it would probably work for me too!

My hair twins are Safiya a.k.a. bronzeqt and Nikkiemae.

Who is your hair twin?  How has she helped you learn about may or may not work for your hair? 

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