Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Loving Lia Sophia's LaShawanda Lands Moore

If there was a way to create a prototype for a Sponsor Extraordinaire we're almost certain borrowing the handbook from LaShawanda Lands Moore would might have actually written its contents.  We first met LaShawanda one afternoon in the local nail palor where she complimented a pair of Lia Sophia earrings being worned.  She has been a cheerleader of Delaware Naturalistas from its conception and offers her hair, her commentary and advice in our Facebook Group. In addition to being a gold sponsor and vendor of  A Natural Hair Love Affair, LaShawanda Lands Moore is a transplant Delawarean who moved here from the South with her beautiful family.  She's got an amazing head full of type-4 natural that she LOVES to rock in coils or two-strand twists.   Aside from being a Christian, dedicated wife and mother, businesswoman and natural-diva she is a representative of Lia Sophia jewelry.

LaShawanda and ALL her fabulously chic Lia Sophia jewelry is an official sponsor and vendor for A Natural Hair Love Affair (  In celebration of Delaware Naturalistas very first natural hair meetup, she has graciously offered 10 pieces of Lia Sophia jewelry as a give-away prize to 10 random naturalistas who purchase their ticket to A Natural Hair Love Affair today!!!   Tickets are ONLY $20 at the early-bird price which ends at midnight tonight!

How can YOU get your hands on a piece of LaShawanda's Lia Sophia Jewelry?  1. Purchase your ticket today by visiting (You are eligible if you have purchased an early bird ticket at any point.) 2. Follow our official blog at 3. Comment on THIS BLOG POST telling us the following; "What is the ONE piece of jewelry that you can't leave home without!"

Clock starts now and you've got until midnight to enter!   GREAT LUCK!!!


  1. I can't leave home without my wedding rings!!

  2. i can understand that. simplyrosalind! I am the same way. i also can't leave without my earrings!

  3. i can't leave homw with out my wedding rings and a pair of earrings. usually i have to sacrifice wearing a beautiful necklace when i am with my daughter. but when she's not with me....i am all about the jewelry.