Monday, July 2, 2012

A Week in the Life of My Hair

First, let me post a disclaimer. THIS is not a typical week.  I usually do a style for the week and go with it.

1.  I started with a failed wet flat twist out. Emphasis on FAIL!  I tucked and pinned until my hair looked good.  It is official. SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie you are no longer my "go to" for wet twist outs. Now that my hair is longer, we just don't get along. Moving on....

2.  To fix my hair, I had spritzed my hair, which made my hair shrink a bit.  To prep for wash day, I had to stretch my hair again so I did a wet braid out with Taaliah Waajid curl cream.  I knew that it yields great first day hair but greasy second day hair, but since I planned on washing.. didn't matter.

3. Blow out as a prep for my hair straightening.

4. Straightened hair in a dew point that is NOT an optimal dew point. *Shrugs shoulders* Bun and coconut oil to the rescue.

*Stay tuned for updated tutorials on my braid out, blow out, shampoo, and hair straightening methods.

How did you wear your hair last week?  (I'm sure you were more practical than i was...)

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