Friday, January 20, 2012

Cravin' for Curlformers

I'll admit (co-founder Tywanda here) that I wasn't initially hit with the CurlFormers bug.   I watched from afar as my fellow sister naturalistas were adorning neon-colored, mesh-like worms in their hair and raving about its ability to form our natural kinky, curly and wavy tresses into satin smooth Shirley Temple curls that mildly resembled the type I use to achieve with a spiral curling iron in those 'b.n.' (before natural) days.

So I just watched.  Maybe even tilted my head to the left a little while watching ya'll maneuver this crochet-needle hook looking contraption up the mesh worm's belly only to then snatch and pull your hair back through.   I chalked it up as TOO. MUCH. WORK!  My head hurt to watch it!

I'd stick with my wash and go's.  BUT! The truth of the matter is as my hair began to grow longer ... my detangling parties started running into overtime and I was not (in my Tamara Braxton voice).   I needed to find other ... dryer ... way to stretch and style my now shoulder length natural.  Wash and go's can't ALWAYS be my 'go-to' style.  As my business partner, Latoya, would say 'le sigh.'

So as luck or coincidence would have it, one eve while having a beauty night craving (don't act like ya'll don't do it!), I fixed the itch and found myself smack dead in the middle of Sally's with mini shopping cart in tow.  I'd grabbed some Witch Hazel astringent, some Vegan hair color, the new As I Am coconut co-wash and LO AND BEHOLD, those darn neon wormies were staring me DEAD IN THE FACE.   They were laughing at my wash and go ---- almost heckling my tangling strands of 3b/3c goodness.

I was feeling froggy so I leaped ----- and purchased the plastic kitten and kaboodle looking bag.  Hmpft! I'll show these wormies who the boss is!  I was nnneeerrrvvvouuuuss.  I had at least an hours worth of work in head of me.

1. Co-washed my hair with As I Am Coconut Co-Wash <--- it's mild, you'll love it!
2.  Color my hair with Vegan red hair coloring <--- looking like a red head in the sun!
3.  Deep Condition my hair with Oyin's Honey Hemp Conditioner <--- I left it in, that's optional
4. Spray Oyin's Berry Leave In Conditioner <---- I <3 leave in's as moisturizers
5. Detangle <--- the 1st key to successful 'worming' or CurlFormer technique

don't I look nervous?

After I got all 40 worms in my head, I wrapped it with a bonnet and went to sleep (it wasn't the best night's sleep but BEAUTY is PAIN or something like that?

Day 1

Well honey, did they SURE SHOW ME!!!!  Ummm ..........why didn't ya'll tell me!!?!?! Ok ... why didn't I listen!?!  I feel like that old school epic fail Rio infomercial that was turning sistas heads green and leaving them baldhead BEFORE it went belly up.  I'm shaking my head full of Shirley Temple's like it just had the flyest Just For Me, Motions perm in AMERICA.  The above picture with my new fly lipstick is day 1.

Want to see more?  Watch the youtube video of my Day 2.  I decided to reapply my Curlformers using my Oyin's Leave In Conditioner, Moisturizing Cream and homemade mixture of oils/butters to seal and worm my head up again!  Tonight ... I'll forgo re-worming and try to preserve the curls with a satin cap.  Tomorrow I plan on rocking a 'Curlformers Out' by pulling pieces of the curls apart and making it have more volume.  Let's see how many days and how many ways I can rock these Curlformer curls. 

Don't believe me? Watch this video!

Tips To Using Curlformers

1. Make sure hair is extremely wet before starting.
2. Be meticulous in detangling from tip to root and all the way through to ensure smooth curls
3. Apply products such as moisturizers, oils, a setting lotion or so to aid in smoothing and moisturizing the hair as it dries.
4. Try to get the 'needle-hook' as close to the scalp as possible and hold the Curlformer tip opening as close to the scalp to maximize length and structure of curl.
5. Allow enough time for hair to completely dry.

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